Copyright Notice For Art Submission

By submitting a design for printing, I ("Client", "You" or "I") affirm to JGA Blanks (Printing Company), that I possess the complete rights to the design and any and all materials and information submitted by or on behalf of Client to JGA Blanks.  If there is any uncertainty or hesitation regarding ownership, I agree to verify my rights or obtain permission from the copyright owner.

Upon submission of a design, Client acknowledges and agrees to the following terms:

As the Client, I represent and warrant that: (1) I have the right and power to enter into this agreement; (2) I will comply with all applicable laws and regulations; (3) I either own or have the authority, license, or permission to use and reproduce all material, content, designs, and information provided to JGA Blanks.  I understand and agree that in the event that the legal owner of the design contacts JGA Blanks, they will be directed to me (the Client).

I agree to indemnify and defend (including reasonable attorney fees and court costs) JGA Blanks against any claims, including third-party claims, arising from Client's breach of this agreement.  Client further agrees that if may not settle any such claim without JGA Blanks' prior written consent.

I, Client, comprehend that the unlawful use of third-party copywritten content is a serious offense and may result in penalties.